Fact Service April 2014

Issue 16 (24/04/2014) - Women and surrogacy; Asda women launch equal pay claim; Executive pay and benefits - a new era?; Smoke-free workplaces; PCS in potential merger talks; Ex-Remploy workers still unemployed; Recognition success

Issue 15 (17/04/2014) - Unemployment rate falls below 7%; Gangmaster worries after transfer; Ignore the spin - living standards still hit; Youth unemployment - top hotspots; Inflation cut

Issue 14 (10/04/2014) - Union victory ends two-tier pay at NHS trust; UNISON appeals over tribunal fees; Manufacturing and production increase; Launch of mental health campaign; Government benefit reforms hit vulnerable; Shopworkers need more protection

issue 13 (03/04/2014) - Jobs linked to Europe; The economy; Employment law changes introduced; Not so fair Britain; Royal Mail sold cheap; Dads not taking paternity leave; Zero-hours contracts - NI to investigate

Issue 16

Women and surrogacy (216 words)

Women who have children through surrogacy arrangements are not entitled to maternity leave under EU law, the European Court of Justice has ruled. ...
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Asda women launch equal pay claim (217 words)

More than 400 female employees at Asda have launched legal action against the supermarket over equal pay. ...
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Executive pay and benefits — a new era? (774 words)

The company annual general meeting season is just about to get into full swing and business secretary Vince Cable has written to the top 100 UK stock ...
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Smoke-free workplaces (403 words)

In recent years electronic cigarettes have become more popular with a threefold increase in sales in 2013. However, the TUC strongly recommends in ...
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PCS in potential merger talks (160 words)

Conference delegates of the PCS public and commercial service union have authorised the national executive to open discussions on a merger if ...
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Ex-Remploy workers still unemployed (273 words)

The majority of disabled workers who lost their jobs following the government’s heartless closure of the Remploy factories are still out of work, ...
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Recognition success (88 words)

Public service union UNISON has signed a recognition with Ocean Integrated Services, covering the company’s employees working in higher education. ...
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Issue 15

Unemployment rate falls below 7% (606 words)

Unemployment numbers were down and the unemployment rate fell to below 7% for the first time in five years, according to the latest official figures. ...
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Gangmaster worries after transfer (227 words)

Unions have expressed concern over the transfer of the departmental oversight of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA). ...
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Ignore the spin — living standards still hit (711 words)

Earnings growth has failed to match the rise in retail price inflation once again, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics show. ...
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Youth unemployment — top hotspots (222 words)

The lack of employment opportunities among 16- to 24-year-olds remains widespread, with more than 10 UK cities having youth unemployment higher than 2 ...
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Inflation cut (476 words)

Retail price inflation edged down again for the second month in a row, while consumer price inflation hit its lowest level for more than four years, ...
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Issue 14

Union victory ends two-tier pay at NHS trust (245 words)

Strike action by 150 GMB members employed by Compass (Medirest) at Ealing NHS Hospital Trust, London has been called off after members won a new ...
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UNISON appeals over tribunal fees (295 words)

Public service union UNISON is to apply to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal the High Court’s ruling rejecting its claim for a judicial ...
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Manufacturing and production increase (156 words)

Manufacturing output increased by 0.8% in the three-month period ending February 2014 compared with the previous three-month period. ...
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Launch of mental health campaign (327 words)

A group of leading employers has launched a campaign to end the culture of silence around mental health in the workplace that is costing the UK ...
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Government benefit reforms hit vulnerable (909 words)

The vulnerable are sufferings as a result of the coalition government's welfare reforms that rought in the “bedroom tax” and the benefit cap, an ...
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Shopworkers need more protection (311 words)

Usdaw, the retail and distribution workers’ union, has welcomed an official consultation on new sentencing guideline for theft offences, but has ...
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Issue 13

Jobs linked to Europe (315 words)

Nearly 4.2 million jobs in the UK, including 1.7 million manufacturing jobs, are dependent on trade with the rest of Europe, new research says. ...
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The economy (140 words)

The UK economy grew by 0.7%, unchanged on the last estimate for gross domestic product (GDP) from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). However, ...
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Employment law changes introduced (402 words)

A number of employment law changes come into force in April. ...
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Not so fair Britain (420 words)

Nearly half the jobs in some parts of Britain are paying less than the Living Wage, the TUC has revealed as part of its Fair Pay Fortnight campaign. ...
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Royal Mail sold cheap (538 words)

The privatisation of Royal Mail was at some cost to the taxpayer, according to a critical report from the public finance watchdog, the National Audit ...
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Dads not taking paternity leave (215 words)

Male workers are being put off from taking advantage of shared parental leave schemes due to the attitudes of their employers, according to new ...
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Zero-hours contracts — NI to investigate (312 words)

Measures to regulate zero-hours contracts in Northern Ireland are being considered by the Stormont employment minister, according to the BBC News ...
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