Fact Service March 2021

Issue 9

Three-quarters back sick pay rise

Over three-quarters of voters support a large increase in sick pay, according to a survey by the RSA.

It found that:

• 76% of the public would like to see sick pay extended so people get full wages for self-isolating, rather than Statutory Sick Pay (currently around £95 per week), including 74% of conservative voters and 81% of labour voters;

• 62% of conservative and 70% of labour voters backed an extension of the furlough scheme; and

• 50% of the public would support the proposed online sales tax.

Alan Lockey, head of the RSA’s future of work programme, said: “Our polling shows really strong support for eradicating the awful choice many workers face between feeding their family and following the government’s guidelines.

"More broadly, there is strong support for a more activist state, even amongst tory voters. People recognise it will take a tremendous effort to deliver good and secure work after the pandemic."