Fact Service March 2021

Issue 10

Workers take Yodel to tribunal

General union the GMB says that logistics giant Yodel could be facing a £250,000 bill for underpayments the union believes date back 20 years.

The GMB is helping drivers for the company take it to the employment tribunal. It believes that up to 500 workers could have been underpaid for their night shifts, some of them by as much as £1,000 each.

Steve Garelick, GMB organiser, said: "Being underpaid £2.70 an hour might not sound a lot to some people – but added up over weeks, months and years this can be the difference between making the rent or putting decent food on the table.

"GMB union has evidence this underpayment goes back as far as 20 years – it’s ridiculous Yodel has not settled and would rather take its chances at a tribunal."