Fact Service March 2022

Issue 9

ITUC, ETUC and TUC condemn invasion of Ukraine

The ITUC global and ETUC European trade union confederations have spoken out jointly to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and demand that all Russian forces withdraw immediately.

Luca Visentini, ETUC general secretary, stated: “Europe must stand strong against Putin’s aggression and put maximum pressure on his regime, and entourage in particular, to bring about peace and dialogue.

“We cannot allow policy to be shaped by violence, and we expect world and EU leaders to protect Ukraine’s integrity as well as the security of all other countries in the region.”

ITUC general secretary Sharan Burrow added: “The imposition of sanctions by governments which support democracy and the rule of law is both inevitable and justified and should focus particularly on the entourage of President Putin who is leading Russia down this destructive path and threatening peace in Europe and the world.”

Similarly the TUC condemned “the illegal invasion of a sovereign nation” and said that: “We send our solidarity to our Ukrainian trade union sisters and brothers and all the people of Ukraine; we know that working people in Europe, Ukraine and Russia want peace and we encourage solidarity between workers across borders.”