Fact Service May 2023

Issue 19

Union bids goodbye to sex workers’ section

The UVW union is saying farewell to its United Sex Workers (USW) section. It explains that the section is disbanding and its members will be joining the BFAWU.

In a fond farewell, the UVW said that, during their time together, the sex workers “were a great campaigning outfit, widely known for their delightfully irreverent social media output, resolute commitment to the rights of sex workers, migrant women and trans women, and solidarity with the other workers”.

It added that, in March 2020, the USW section won worker status for dancers at two London strip clubs through an employment tribunal, the first time strip club dancers were awarded worker status through the courts.

The ruling made it possible for dancers at the clubs to claim workers’ rights such as paid annual leave, guaranteed pay for all hours worked, maternity or sick leave, protection against workplace harassment, and the right to organise through a trade union.

The UVW thanked the sex workers for their solidarity with other unions and wished them the best for the future.