Labour Research May 2012

European news

Spanish government financial support to unions cut

As part of its overall programme of cuts, the Spanish government has reduced the funds it provides to the country’s unions by a third.

They will fall from €25.8 million (£21.4 million) in 2011 to €17.3 million (£14.4 million) in 2012.

Detailed figures from the budget show that political parties will lose 13% of their financial support, while unions will lose 33%.

Spanish unions receive some public finance in recognition of their constitutional role as defenders of workers’ rights, as well as for their participation in joint bodies.

However, public money is only a small part of their overall income. Figures produced by the CCOO, one of the two main union confederations, indicate that in 2009 it was equivalent to 9% of the income from their own resources — principally membership subscriptions.