Labour Research June 2012

Employment protection - The Con-Dem coalition continues to hack away at workers' employment protection rights; Retired members' sections - Retirement is not a barrier to continued trade union activism, thanks to unions' retired members' sections; Regulator under attack - Rogue employers could operate with impunity if the Gangmasters Licensing Authority has its role reduced; Unions in Colombia - Colombia continues to earn the reputation of being the world's most dangerous place to be a trade unionist;

LRD Centenary

Centenary News (265 words)

In June 1940, with the Second World War less than a year old, Labour Research looked back at the First World War and the experience of workers then. ...
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TUC calls for workers to be appointed to pay boards (402 words)

Binding votes are not enough to keep top pay at sensible levels, says the TUC as it calls for workers to be appointed to companies’ pay ...
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Airport chaos blamed on staff cuts (280 words)

As airport queues continued to create chaos, the PCS civil service union last month told a government inquiry that staff reductions were to blame. ...
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Unions dismayed as Equality Act is hit by ‘red tape’ mantra (395 words)

Unions have slammed government plans to scrap parts of the Equality Act, describing its intention to remove “unnecessary” obligations ...
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Police privatisation plan delayed (237 words)

Surrey and West Midlands police forces have announced that they are delaying plans to push through contracts worth £1.5 billion until after the ...
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Olympic Games may miss the bus (281 words)

Ballot papers have been sent to more than 20,000 bus workers at 21 bus operators across London calling for industrial action. ...
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‘Under-employment’ drives fall (229 words)

Unemployment fell on both official counts, according to the Office for National Statistics. Under the Labour Force Survey count, it fell by 45,000 ...
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Inflation lowest for two years (65 words)

Inflation was at its lowest level for over two years, according to the latest official figures. Under the Retail Prices Index, inflation was down to 3 ...
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (392 words)

Inflation +3.5%, Average earnings +0.1% ...
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Union news

Declining trend continues as union membership falls (626 words)

The proportion of employees who are trade union members — “union density” — slipped for the second year running, due to ...
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Tory wipeout (141 words)

Concerted union campaigning for last month’s local elections saw the Tories wiped out from Southampton Council — which had been at the ...
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Rail unions (126 words)

General secretary of the TSSA white collar rail union Manuel Cortes has said he is hopeful of a future merger with the RMT rail union, despite ...
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European news

Unions hope for change as Hollande takes the reins (544 words)

Unions in France are hoping for a major change of direction following the election victory of the socialist François Hollande, and the coming ...
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Deal over austerity plan is agreed in Slovenia (140 words)

In return for concessions on public spending, Slovenian unions have agreed not to block the government’s planned austerity measures. ...
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Czech Republic to see major protest (211 words)

ČMKOS, the Czech Republic’s main union confederation, is organising a major national action later this month in protest against the ...
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Our rights are further eroded (2,320 words)

The coalition continues to undermine legislation that provides employees with some protection against being unfairly dismissed. ...
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Retiring but not shy of activism (1,969 words)

How do unions organise and support their retired members? A new Labour Research survey finds out. ...
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Regulator on the ropes? (1,605 words)

The regulatory body charged with protecting some of the most vulnerable workers from exploitation is facing an uncertain future. ...
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Surviving in the world’s deadliest place for unions (1,626 words)

Trade unionists in Colombia continue to face appalling human rights abuses, writes Bryan Nott. ...
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Law Matters

EU pressure for law on seasonal workers (362 words)

A committee of the European Parliament is pressing for legislation guaranteeing that non-EU seasonal workers get better working conditions. ...
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Acas gets positive over mental health at work (234 words)

Guidance on supporting workers with mental health issues has been published by the employment relations service Acas. ...
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Law society gives guidance (221 words)

New guidance from the Law Society, which represents solicitors in England and Wales, may help unrepresented employees taking claims to a tribunal. ...
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Law Queries

Accommodation charge (191 words)

Q. Our member, who works 35 hours per week, earns the minimum wage. He gets accommodation with his job — but he has to pay for it and we ...
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Deductions from wages (318 words)

Q. Our employer operates a chain of shops. On a day last month when our member was running one of the stores, some stock went missing. Although the ...
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Paternity leave (214 words)

Our member was working here as an employee of an employment agency. He is due to become a dad on around 10 July. He told the agency about this back ...
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Law Back-up

Court rulings make age bias law clearer (950 words)

The Supreme Court’s recent rulings on two age discrimination cases relating to retirement provide interesting insights. Back-up reports. ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Teachers’ lives are damaged by bullying (407 words)

Teachers are suffering high levels of bullying, harassment and abuse, a new online survey by teaching union NASUWT has revealed. ...
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Sickness absence policies force staff back to work (243 words)

Concerns over sickness absence policies are highlighted in a survey of public sector workers. ...
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Tired pilot caused air incident (250 words)

The crucial issue of pilot fatigue is back in the spotlight after an official report into an incident on a transatlantic flight. ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Coalition ups its attack on health and safety (882 words)

Any remaining doubts about the direction of health and safety regulation under the coalition government were dispelled in the Queen’s Speech. ...
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Equality news

Coalition failed over its equality duty (353 words)

A formal equality assessment of the government’s 2010 spending review has found that in some key areas the government failed to establish how ...
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Poorest households hit harder by cost of living (284 words)

Rising food prices and soaring gas and electricity bills have meant that the cost of living has been going up faster for the poorest households than ...
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Rail union wants equal pay (260 words)

Last month, the TSSA white collar rail union announced it was launching an equal pay claim campaign which could end up costing the rail ...
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Workplace Back-up

Working from home is not just for Olympics (896 words)

The TUC is hoping that homeworking will be given a major boost by being adopted as a flexible working practice during the Olympic Games, while its ...
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The John Carlos Story (222 words)

As the 2012 London Olympics loom ever nearer, this is a good time to remember John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s Black Power salute on the 1968 ...
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Rank and file (211 words)

Personal histories by working class ...
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e-views (396 words)

How effectively do UK unions optimise their websites for search engine traffic? I’ve been doing a lot of work on Search Engine Optimisation ...
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