Labour Research August 2012

Law Queries


Q. Some of the clients and suppliers of our employer smoke on or near our work premises. We think that the employer could be doing more to discourage this. In particular, is it right that we can force the employer to put up No Smoking signs?

A. Under the Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations 2007, employers are required to place No Smoking signs — of certain minimum dimensions — at every entrance to a workplace and also every enclosed compartment of a vehicle.

However, the government is replacing these regulations with the 2012 Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations. From 1 October, an employer will meet the requirements of the regulations by placing just one legible sign at the main entrance to the workplace or in a vehicle.

This is an unfortunate amendment to the law in terms of dissuading suppliers or clients who might consider smoking at a service entrance.