Labour Research December 2012


Interactive coalition timeline

Institute of Employment Rights

Labour movement think tank the Institute of Employment Rights (IER) recently launched its latest free, online resource — an interactive timeline of ideological attacks against workers and trade unions by the coalition government.

The timeline includes extensive and detailed coverage of over 100 proposals, policies, U-turns and backbench whispers that have increased workers’ vulnerability since 2010.

Due to the wealth of information on the timeline, the stories have been split into 14 colour-coded categories including equality, deregulation, health and safety, redundancy, the public sector and backbench politics.

The timeline is updated weekly and anyone can sign up for free updates by going to the IER website and signing up to the Institute’s mailing list.

Sarah Glenister, IT development and communications assistant at the IER, says: “Our intention was to create an interactive resource that would lay bare the anti-worker and anti-trade union ideology driving this government.”

Campaigns, unions and others also have the opportunity to advertise on the site, with the Unite general union its first official sponsor.

Visit the timeline at

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