Labour Research January 2016

Health & Safety Matters

Transparency on bullying and harassment needed

GMB Scotland has called for greater transparency in how organisations receiving public funding deal with bullying, harassment and discrimination. 

The call came after just two out of 18 charities responded fully to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request from the general union about their policies in these areas.

GMB Scotland’s Young Members’ Network (YMN) carried out the survey which contacted 18 organisations that received public funding in December 2014. The survey’s findings have been published in a report, Bullying, harassment and discrimination in Scottish workplaces, a focus on organisations receiving public funding.

Following a motion submitted by GMB Scotland to the 2014 Scottish TUC Youth Conference, the YMN asked the organisations to make available information relating to their policies for dealing with bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. All but five of the organisations failed to respond completely, with three citing that they were not public bodies and therefore not obliged to respond.

The union says that organisations relying upon the support of taxpayers should have effective zero tolerance policies in place, underpinned by an open and transparent approach.

GMB Scotland Officer Drew Duffy said the union was calling on the Fair Work Convention, the Scottish government, employers and trade unions to note the report and its findings and urging them “to take action to correct the areas of concerns highlighted”.