Labour Research April 2016

Union news

Radiographers vote to set up fund 

Just when the government is trying to stifle unions’ political voice, members of the Society of Radiographers (SoR) have voted to set up a political fund with a large vote in favour.

The 28,000-strong TUC affiliate decided to hold a ballot for a fund because it felt it would be unable to risk campaigning and speaking out about issues during election campaigns without one.

Of those voting in the ballot, 93% were in favour of establishing the fund with just 7% against, in a turnout of 23.8%.

SoR president Sheila Hassan welcomed the result saying: “The Society has never been afraid to challenge political parties, nor has it been held back from speaking out on behalf of members and patients.”

Meanwhile, members of construction union UCATT voted to retain their political fund, which they are required to do every 10 years. An overwhelming majority — 97.2% — voted in favour, with a turnout of 20%.