Labour Research July 2016

Blacklisting fight goes on - Despite a recent major victory, blacklisted workers and their unions insist that the fight against blacklisting firms must continue; Act of discrimination - The 2016 Immigration Act will fuel discrimination against minorities, say unions and campaigners; Union membership - Union membership remains stable, but the worryingly low level of collective bargaining coverage is a concern; Dying to work - A TUC campaign is focussing on the rights of workers with a terminal illness


Political leaders must address ‘real despair’ in wake of Brexit
 (307 words)

The people have spoken and the call for change must be heeded. That was the message from union leaders in the wake of last month’s referendum ...
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Urgent change of direction is needed, say teaching unions
 (311 words)

Teaching unions have said that a damning report on teacher supply, published by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, is further evidence ...
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Industrial news (278 words)

Following a two-day strike at the end of May, the UCU university lecturers’ union has set out the next steps in its pay dispute with the UCEA ...
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Plans to abolish bursaries slammed as ‘short-sighted’
 (247 words)

Unions, health workers and charities have come together to warn the government that its plans to abolish NHS bursaries and introduce student loans ...
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Insecure work affects millions (293 words)

Four and a half million people in England and Wales are in insecure work, reveals analysis by charity Citizens Advice.The national charity says ...
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Spying (98 words)

Unions have welcomed a decision to ditch controversial plans that would have allowed police and intelligence agencies to spy on them (see also page ...
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BHS (152 words)

Retail tycoon Sir Philip Green’s apology to BHS employees is not good enough said shopworkers’ union Usdaw following his appearance at a joint ...
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Joblessness count records a fall
 (214 words)

Unemployment under the Labour Force Survey count was down by 20,000 to 1.67 million in the three-month period ending April on the previous period. ...
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RPI inflation goes up (72 words)

Inflation under the Retail Prices Index — which includes housing costs and is the measure favoured by union negotiators — was up to 1.4% in May ...
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Key economic indicators

RPI inflation goes up (408 words)

Inflation +1.4%, Average earnings +2.5% ...
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Union news

Merger would see loss of affiliate for Labour and CND (339 words)

The Labour Party and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) are both set to lose a union affiliate next year if members of the broadcast and ...
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TUC welcomes climbdown over government’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’
 (268 words)

The TUC welcomed last month’s government climbdown on the so-called “Snoopers’ Charter” — the Bill which had threatened to allow police and ...
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Momentum and PCS
 (125 words)

A bid for the PCS civil service union to join Momentum — the campaign group set up to support Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn — has been rejected by ...
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Usdaw celebrations
 (127 words)

A nationwide bus tour set off last month as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations of the Usdaw shopworkers’ union. 
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European news

French government meets with continued resistance
 (554 words)

The French government is facing ongoing resistance to its plans to make major changes to employment law, despite a meeting between the labour ...
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Finns give up on plans for merger
 (132 words)

Attempts to form a new trade union confederation in Finland, bringing together most of the unions currently divided between three separate ...
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Unions maintain positions on councils (222 words)

The results of the four-yearly elections for works councils and health and safety committees in Belgium have just been published — and they show ...
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The struggle goes on, say blacklisted workers
 (2,574 words)

The huge multi-million pound settlement won on behalf of blacklisted workers is a massive victory for the trade union movement. But compensation is ...
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Minorities will fall foul of this Act
 (2,438 words)

Unions and those campaigning for migrants’ rights fear that the government’s Immigration Act will create a hostile environment for minority ...
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Unions hang on to membership
 (1,446 words)

Despite the political pounding received by the trade union movement since Labour lost power in 2010, overall union membership has remained stable.
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Helping to live with dying
 (1,679 words)

The TUC’s Dying to Work campaign aims to change the law so that workers with a terminal illness cannot automatically be dismissed because of their ...
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Law Matters

Assumptions on working late could discriminate
 (308 words)

In an important case for employees, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has confirmed that expecting or assuming an employee will work late can be ...
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Tribunal fees under fire
 (319 words)

The government’s employment tribunal fees regime “has had a significant adverse impact on access to justice for meritorious claims”, says a ...
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Signficant disability victory (221 words)

The CWU communications union has announced a significant victory in a disability discrimination case against Vodafone. 
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Law Queries

Compensation and payment
 (262 words)

Q. If a member is awarded compensation by an Employment Tribunal, what can they do if the employer refuses to pay? ...
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Off the record talks (198 words)

Q. What is a Section 111A off the record conversation? ...
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Nicknames at work
 (263 words)

Q. Is it OK to use nicknames at work?
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Law Back-up

How employers can avoid a dressing down over attire
 (881 words)

Recent cases have highlighted the controversial issues that crop up around workplace dress codes.
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Health & Safety Matters

Work-related stress is a ‘significant issue’
 (368 words)

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has launched a new Caring for You campaign as it warned that midwife burnout is leading to fears about patient ...
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Excessive working hours prompt threat of strike
 (179 words)

Public services union UNISON has told the East of England Ambulance Service that it will ballot frontline ambulance staff for possible strike action ...
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Ruling aids trafficked workers (253 words)

In a landmark legal judgement, the High Court has ruled in favour of six Lithuanian men who have brought a civil case claiming compensation from a ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Curbs on exposure to electromagnetic fields
 (837 words)

On 1 July 2016, new Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016 (CEMFAW) came into force. Back-up examines what the regulations ...
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Equality news

Research highlights NHS race inequalities
 (299 words)

An NHS report has found that black and minority ethnic (BME) workers in the NHS suffer higher levels of bullying from the public and other staff ...
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Better support required for carers, say reports
 (343 words)

Just a third of employers have a formal, written policy or an informal, verbal policy in place to support working carers in their workplace, ...
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Bias against young mums (235 words)

Young mothers are significantly more likely to experience pregnancy and maternity discrimination, with six times as many under- 25-year-olds compared ...
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Workplace Back-up

Using social media can mean trouble at work
 (943 words)

With 79% of adult users of social media logging daily, or almost daily, into networks like Facebook or Twitter, it is hardly surprising that ...
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Hold on tight (210 words)

London Transport and the trade unions ...
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Schools out!
 (179 words)

The hidden history of Britain’s school students strikes
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e-views (418 words)

I’ve updated the trade union website league table which I last updated 12 months ago. 
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