Labour Research October 2016

European news

French unions continue to protest

Two of France’s largest union confederations, the CGT and FO, plus some smaller confederations and youth groups, took to the streets last month as part of their ongoing protest against the new labour law which was adopted on 8 August. 

They want to see the law withdrawn, and they see the 2006 withdrawal of a law covering new starts as a precedent. This similarly went through all the parliamentary stages and was adopted. But, following massive protests, it was never applied. 

CGT general secretary Philippe Martinez said protests were continuing because “a law that was bad in the spring is still bad in the autumn”. The action on 15 September, was the 13th time that union members had been mobilised. 

As well as public protests, the unions are looking at legal avenues to derail parts of the law. 

However, while some unions are still protesting, others have accepted the changes, some of which they see as helpful, and want the law applied. Laurent Berger, head of the CFDT, the largest of the union confederations in this position has said that the government needs to “get out the implementing regulations very quickly”.