Labour Research October 2016

European news

Poland proposes new labour code

The Polish government, formed by the right-wing PiS party, plans to rewrite the country’s labour code, which covers both individual and collective employment rights. 

A new commission is being set up to examine the issue and make proposals, with the intention that the code should come into force in January 2019. 

The government argues that a new code is needed as the existing one dates back to 1974. And although it has been repeatedly revised, it needs to be aligned with “current realities”. 

The employers argue that the new code should reduce worker protection, as current rules discourage employers from hiring staff. But Jakub Szmit of the NSZZ Solidarnosc union said: “I don’t think that, if you reduce employment standards, you will have more people employed”. 

Both unions and employers will be represented on the commission.