Labour Research March 2019

What implications does Brexit have for the NHS? - Although the NHS staffing crisis pre-dates Brexit, Labour Research finds that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU certainly won’t help matters; Universal Credit makes millions worse off - It’s six years since Universal Credit was introduced. And the government’s welfare reform scheme continues to be mired in controversy; Women's exposure to cancer at work - When it comes to occupational cancers, there remains a distinct lack of focus on how these impact on women workers


Private probation firm’s collapse a ‘wake-up’ call, say unions
 (323 words)

Unions say the collapse of private probation company Working Links is “a wake-up call” and are urging justice secretary David Gauke to bring the ...
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Universities urged to repudiate plans to exploit work of sacked staff
 (277 words)

Academic staff will be treated like a “disposable commodity” if plans to allow universities to exploit the research of staff who have been made ...
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Honda closure a ‘shattering blow’ (239 words)

Confirmation that Honda is set to close its Swindon factory by 2021 with the loss of 3,500 jobs was described as “a shattering body blow at the ...
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Unions back plan to block private firms from landing NHS contracts
 (329 words)

Unions have backed a Labour party pledge to block private companies from securing NHS contracts.
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Rail dispute sees breakthrough
 (195 words)

Substantial progress in talks between the RMT rail union and the management of Northern Rail has resulted in the suspension of the long-running ...
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More turbulence hits airline industry (238 words)

Last month, British airline Flybmi cancelled all its flights and filed for administration blaming spikes in fuel and carbon costs and the ongoing ...
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Unemployment posts a decrease
 (201 words)

After three months of increases, unemployment posted a fall, latest official figures show. 
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Inflation lowest for two years (72 words)

Retail inflation fell to its lowest level for over two years on the back of cheaper petrol and domestic energy.
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (402 words)

Inflation +2.5%, Average earnings +2.8% ...
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Union news

GMB deal with Hermes gives ‘a real voice’ in the workplace
 (298 words)

The collective bargaining deal reached between courier firm Hermes and the GMB general union last month gives couriers “a real voice in the ...
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Usdaw recognition boost
 (236 words)

A campaign by shopworkers’ union Usdaw for recognition at online fashion retailer Boohoo has received a boost from a committee of MPs. The company ...
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History project (114 words)

The Unite union has launched a history project aimed at “engaging directly with a new generation of workers and activists”. It is part of the ...
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CWU members give refugee support
 (139 words)

Members of the CWU Race Advisory Committee (RAC) have returned from a mission to distribute supplies to refugees in Calais whose conditions have ...
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Rescuer awarded
 (115 words)

An activist in the Prospect specialists’ union has been awarded an MBE for his part in the rescue of 12 Thai boys and their football coach who got ...
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European news

Paternity pay and other improvements on the way (426 words)

The three law-making bodies of the EU, the European Parliament, the Council (representing national governments) and the European Commission, have ...
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Most French employee reps in unions
 (245 words)

The level of union membership in France is low, with only one in nine (11%) French employees belonging to a union. 
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German union membership 
 (91 words)

Membership of the eight unions in the DGB, Germany’s dominant union confederation, fell very slightly last year, down from 5,995,437 to 5,974,950. ...
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Czech unions 
 (58 words)

The main Czech union confederation CMKOS has expressed its deep concern at a government proposal to cut 10% of posts in central government to save ...
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Belgian call for change in law
 (105 words)

Following a national strike over pay in Belgium on 13 February which, among other things, halted all air traffic, the unions have said they are ...
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Health unions warn over Brexit
 (2,541 words)

With time rapidly running out for prime minister Theresa May to get Parliamentary backing for a withdrawal agreement and avoid a no-deal Brexit, ...
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Universal catastrophe
 (2,782 words)

Universal Credit, the government’s flagship welfare reform scheme, continues to be dogged by controversy, as Labour Research reports.
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Recognising women’s cancer risks
 (2,145 words)

Cancer is the leading cause of work-related death across Europe and is affecting an increasing number of women workers. Labour Research examines the ...
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Law Matters

Major victory for shop workers in Asda ruling
 (340 words)

The Court of Appeal last month held that women working in Asda’s retail stores can compare themselves with men working in its distribution depots. ...
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Part-time staff secure back-dated holiday pay
 (128 words)

The latest group of workers to receive pay-outs for backdated holiday pay involves administrative staff, career advisors, science and art ...
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Extended redundancy protection for new mums (245 words)

A government consultation proposes to extend current legal protection against redundancy for those on maternity leave for up to six months after they ...
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Law Queries

Duty to disclose criminal conviction
 (346 words)

Q. I’ve just been convicted of drink driving. I don’t need my car for work, and driving is not part of my job. Do I have to tell my employer? ...
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End of fixed-term contract
 (298 words)

Q. I am on a fixed-term contract that is supposed to finish at the end of December. My employer now says it will finish in October because a staff ...
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Health and safety reps
 (156 words)

Q. Our employer is trying to replace our union health and safety reps with employees who are not union members. Can they do this? ...
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Law Back-up

Minor historical offences can remain undisclosed
 (850 words)

The Supreme Court has held that the requirement in some cases to disclose all criminal convictions, no matter how minor or how long ago, is unlawful. ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Black staff endure abuse and bullying
 (324 words)

Black women professors, who make up just 0.1% of all UK university professors, are facing a culture of bullying and stereotyping, according to a new ...
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Full-time mums suffer stress (194 words)

The Prospect professionals’ union has highlighted new research showing that chronic stress levels are up to 40% higher for full-time working mums. ...
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Trade union network tackles air pollution (245 words)

Air pollution is an occupational health, as well as a public health, emergency, according to the new Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN). 
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Health & Safety Back-up

Taking care of workers on the graveyard shift
 (951 words)

This month, Back-up looks at the health and safety risks associated with night working.
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Equality news

Age bias is biggest employment obstacle
 (389 words)

Age discrimination is the biggest obstacle to getting back into employment, according to new research by job search company Jobrapido.
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Toolkit aims to boost recruitment of women
 (241 words)

A toolkit that aims to help end outdated employment practices that disadvantage women in the recruitment process has been put forward by an All Party ...
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Tackling discrimination
 (97 words)

The Tell MAMA organisation (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) and the GMB general union Yorkshire region have issued a joint toolkit to help people who ...
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Proposals for gender equality
 (131 words)

Scotland’s National Advisory Council on Women and Girls has put forward proposals intended to make Scotland a world leader in gender equality.
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Workplace Back-up

Training opportunities bypass the low paid
 (944 words)

New research reveals that the poorest adults with the lowest qualifications are the least likely to get adult training — despite being the group ...
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e-views (522 words)

With the current uncertainty around the Brexit process, things could well have changed by the time this edition of Labour Research is published. ...
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News from LRD

LRD AGM's keynote speaker Kendal Bromley-Bewes (196 words)

Marking the TUC’s Year of Young Workers, UNISON’s Kendal Bromley-Bewes (chair of UNISON’s young members’ forum) will open this year’s ...
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