Labour Research July 2020

Can the live entertainment sector stage a comeback? - the COVID-19 crisis has left the live entertainment industry reeling. What do unions say about getting the sector back on course? Where do we go after the lockdown? - trade unions and the TUC have put forward their proposals, priorities and demands for the world of work post-lockdown; Improving our workplace health, safety and welfare - Labour Research takes a look at the all-important role of the Hazards Campaign in fighting for workers’ health and safety


Relaxation of social distancing rule gives rise to concerns (409 words)

Relaxation of the two-metre social distancing rule in England, announced by prime minister Boris Johnson on 23 June and supported by Labour leader ...
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Millions fall through the cracks (270 words)

The government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) and the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) have helped 10 million survive ...
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Grim forecast (262 words)

The UK, together with France, Italy and Spain, is expected to take the worst economic hit from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the OECD ...
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As statues of old racists topple, unions salute Black Lives Matter campaign (813 words)

As statues of old racists fall around the world, a new memorial is being considered for Victoria Station for transport workers killed by COVID-19. ...
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Recession sees vacancies slump (198 words)

Falling average earnings, employment and vacancies said more about the COVID-19 recession this month than the unemployment figures. ...
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Inflation tumbles (67 words)

Falling inflation for the year to May reflected the strains of the COVID-19 crisis. ...
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (402 words)

Inflation +1.0%, Average earnings -0.9% ...
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Union news

Membership on the up and likely to see further growth (643 words)

Unions welcoming official confirmation that trade union membership rose for the third year running last year say they are likely to record another ...
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Faith in the union (99 words)

The Community union is encouraging workers in faith institutions to join its new Community Faith Workers’ branch. ...
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Equity general secretary (55 words)

Members of performers’ union Equity are currently voting for a new general secretary to replace current incumbent Christine Payne who retires in ...
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Midgely to Labour (74 words)

Anneliese Midgely, political director of general union Unite, has been appointed as a senior special adviser to Labour leader Keir Starmer. ...
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European news

European Union presses on with minimum wage plans (439 words)

The European Union’s main policy-making body, the European Commission (EC) has announced the next stage in its plans to ensure “fair minimum ...
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Polish unions differ on crisis strategy (187 words)

Poland’s two largest union confederations, Solidarnosc and OPZZ, have taken very different approaches to their government’s latest proposals to ...
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Fund welcomed (195 words)

The DGB, the main German union confederation, has welcomed the €130 billion (£112 billion) crisis package announced by German chancellor Angela ...
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New vision (58 words)

Spain’s two main union confederations, CCOO and UGT, have presented a new document setting out their vision for the country. ...
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Can the show still go on? (2,334 words)

Entertainment sector trade unions are warning of dire consequences for live entertainment in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. ...
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What’s the outlook after the lockdown? (2,545 words)

Unions and the TUC are now turning their thoughts to what comes next, as some of the country’s lockdown measures are eased. ...
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Taking care of health and safety (2,166 words)

Labour Research looks at the history of the Hazards Campaign, some of its key successes, and how trade unionists can help ensure it continues to ...
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Law Matters

Government pay schemes move into second phase (427 words)

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), which allows employers who have been severely affected by COVID-19 to “furlough” workers and reclaim ...
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Transport union welcomes shelving of unpaid scheme (196 words)

The RMT rail union last month claimed victory after the government shelved plans to introduce voluntary unpaid workers on the railway network. ...
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Union law and the pandemic (214 words)

The Certification Officer (CO) has published advice regarding compliance with the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 ...
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Law Queries

Home working expenses (352 words)

Q. I’ve been home working throughout the pandemic. Does my employer have to pay for the extra costs, such as heating, and equipment that I use? ...
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Shielding and sick pay (210 words)

Q. I have to stay home because I’m in a vulnerable group. Will I get paid? ...
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Annual leave (247 words)

Q. I want to cancel my annual leave — I was planning to go away and want the chance to travel at a later date. My employer says that I can’t. Can ...
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Law Back-up

Contract changes: what are the legal remedies? (928 words)

This month, Back-up looks at the legal challenges available to workers whose employers try to impose changes to their terms and conditions of ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Government retreat over schools welcomed (329 words)

Education unions last month welcomed the government’s belated decision to step back from its plans to bring all England’s primary pupils back to ...
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Organisers and roving reps will provide worker support (156 words)

Unions in Scotland will organise, support and resource “an army of organisers and roving reps” to ensure workers are fully empowered and ...
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Unions launch tests for safe working (236 words)

The PCS public and commercial services and UCU lecturers’ unions each last month set out a series of tests for safe working in relation to the ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Test and trace: what is the impact on work? (905 words)

The government says its test and trace service is a central part of its coronavirus recovery strategy. But unions say there is a lack of financial ...
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Equality news

Young workers’ jobs at most risk due to crisis (337 words)

Young workers aged 25 and under are at the highest risk of joblessness due to the coronavirus pandemic, says a new report from the TUC published last ...
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A million more face being plunged into poverty (291 words)

Over a million more people could fall below the poverty line at the end of this year as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, says a study from the ...
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Neurodiversity (135 words)

While government departments and other employers may have consistent workplace polices on disabled workers’ rights, this is not the case with ...
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Childcare sector (99 words)

An “urgent cash injection to the childcare sector” is needed to prevent parents being forced out of work, the TUC said last month. ...
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Workplace Back-up

Aiming for the goals of sustainable development (912 words)

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a “call to action by all countries” — including the UK government — to promote ...
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e-views (409 words)

The TUC’s unionlearn learning and skills organisation has reacted quickly to the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown, launching several new ...
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