Labour Research May 2022

Democracy under threat from Elections Bill – The government’s Elections Bill is deeply regressive and anti-democratic, unions and others are warning; Unions marshal support for Ukraine – UK and European unions have been pulling out the stops to ensure aid and support for the people of Ukraine; UK experiences serious ‘enforcement gap’ – Enforcement agencies continue to experience underfunding, leading to a ‘crisis of enforcement’ and the potential for ever greater worker exploitation


Napo repeats call for public enquiry into probation service (419 words)

The Napo union for probation staff has repeated its call for a public enquiry into the state of the probation service in England and Wales. ...
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MPs accused of sexual misconduct should face ban, say unions (273 words)

Unions have reiterated their call for MPs accused of sexual misconduct to be kicked out of Parliament. ...
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Agreement signed by firefighters (225 words)

Firefighters in London and Manchester have signed agreements that will see them respond to Marauding Terrorist Attacks (MTA), following a ballot of ...
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TUC’s first female general secretary to stand down after nine years (360 words)

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady is to retire at the end of the year. ...
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Fair Ferries campaign launched (178 words)

Unions have launched a Fair Ferries campaign to demand an end to fire-and-rehire in response to the controversial sacking over Zoom of 800 P&O ...
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NHS must improve for BME workers (234 words)

Unions have said more must be done to improve the experience of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff working in the NHS. ...
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Employment rate is unchanged (184 words)

The employment rate remained unchanged in the latest quarter, at 75.5%. That was still below pre-pandemic levels, in total, due to there still being ...
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Inflation still rising (71 words)

Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation rose to 9.0% in March while the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose to 7.0%. CPIH inflation, with which the ...
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (410 words)

Inflation +9.0%, Average earnings +5.4% ...
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Union news

America’s Amazon workers spurred by recognition win (383 words)

A wave of interest in campaigning for union recognition at Amazon is spreading across the US following last month’s historic union recognition ...
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Election Bill gains (256 words)

Labour Party trade unions are cheering victories against two aspects of the government’s Elections Bill , currently going through Parliament (see ...
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Unite union acts against council in ongoing bin drivers’ dispute (234 words)

Sharon Graham, leader of the Unite general union, has taken sharp action against the Labour Party in Coventry and its local councillors amid the bin ...
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European news

New legislation eases the way for Ukrainian refugees (359 words)

The Polish government has introduced new legislation to make it easier for Ukrainian refugees to live in the country. ...
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Court rejects employers’ position (312 words)

In an important case, the Spanish Supreme Court has rejected the arguments of Spanish employers who said they were not required to negotiate equality ...
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Recruitment priority (113 words)

Recruiting new members is now the top priority of the FNV — the largest union grouping in the Netherlands — said its president, Tuur Elzinga, ...
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Ongoing support (152 words)

Hubertus Heil, Germany’s minister of labour, has promised that the state will continue to support workers affected by the war in Ukraine. ...
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Elections Bill will weaken democracy, say unions (2,502 words)

Unions are fearful of the impact the government’s Elections Bill poses to democratic engagement. ...
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Unions mobilise aid for Ukraine (2,133 words)

Labour Research reports on how trade unions and their members in the UK and Europe are lending support to the embattled people of Ukraine. ...
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Underfunding crisis besets regulators (1,749 words)

The underfunding of enforcement agencies like the Health and Safety Executive means the UK is now subject to a serious and ever-worsening ...
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Law Matters

Government reacts to race report proposals (323 words)

The government has published Inclusive Britain: government response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, its response to the ...
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Tribunal erred in tupe case (305 words)

The failure to inform an employee of the identity of the new business owner was more than a “technical” breach of the TUPE regulations and the ...
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Journalists should receive documents (228 words)

Journalists should be provided with documents in employment tribunal cases, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has said following an appeal against ...
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Law Queries

Bullying and harassment (287 words)

Q. I work for a cleaning company and I’m being badly bullied since I got a new manager. I’ve tried complaining, but it’s still going on. I’ve ...
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Tribunal costs (493 words)

Q. I’m representing a member in a tribunal claim for unlawful deduction of wages. The employer says there’s no basis for the claim and that they ...
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Law Back-up

What is the definition of redundancy under UK law? (936 words)

Did P&O Ferries fail to follow the correct redundancy process in dismissing nearly 800 seafarers in March? And what is the statutory definition ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Exploitation rife in parcel delivery sector (297 words)

A new survey of drivers in the parcel delivery sector by the CWU communications union has revealed extreme pressures and blatant disregard for the ...
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COVID Public inquiry must focus on workplace safety (206 words)

The forthcoming Covid-19 public inquiry must include a focus on workplace safety and its enforcement, the TUC says in its submission to the ...
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Late-night transport campaign stepped up (250 words)

Nearly six in 10 workers (58%) say their employers have never provided them with safe transport home after work, according to a new poll for the ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Removal of Covid mitigations (888 words)

Unions condemned as reckless the government’s decision to remove vital Covid safety measures and guidance from 1 April 2022 as part of its ...
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Equality news

NHS: systemic barriers to race equality remain (383 words)

The NHS is seeing the highest rate of discrimination against Black and minority ethnic (BME) staff since 2016. ...
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Black and brown women suffer huge earnings loss (227 words)

A report by the #EthnicityPayGap campaign has revealed that Black (of African and/or Caribbean heritage) and Brown (Black and mixed heritage) women ...
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Young people encounter obstacles to good work (223 words)

Despite their aspirations, young people feel that good work is a privilege for a few, says a recent report by the Health Foundation charity and the ...
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Workplace Back-up

shift work may not be as flexible as supposed (950 words)

There are 3.8 million shift workers in the UK, but how much do they like working that way? Labour Researchfinds out. ...
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