Labour Research March 2024

What’s the outlook for trade union women? Our special TUC Women’s Conference issue examines union initiatives to bolster women’s participation and representation in unions System failure: gender disparity in the IT sector Women wishing to pursue a career in the IT sector will find that it remains dominated by a ‘tech bro’ culture Miners’ Strike 40th anniversay We mark the anniversary of the start of the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike and look at what the movement feels it has learned from


Childcare offer ‘too little’ (224 words)

The government’s offer of £1,000 to new childcare staff is “too little, too late”, says TUC general secretary Paul Nowak. ...
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More strikes by junior doctors as NHS unions put case for fair pay (360 words)

Last month, the BMA and HCSA doctors’ unions announced a further five days of strikes by junior doctors in their long-running pay dispute. ...
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‘Shocking’ gig economy-style practices exposed in top universities (253 words)

A new report by the UCU university and college union has exposed “the extent of shocking gig economy-style employment practices” among ...
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Unions react to Labour retreat over £28 billion green investment pledge (271 words)

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham has warned the Labour Party that it risks “outsourcing” policy making to the Conservatives if it keeps ...
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Strike activity remains ongoing (353 words)

Last month, more than 3,000 public transport workers in Northern Ireland delayed a planned three-day strike to give political leaders at Stormont ...
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Councils’ financial crisis spirals spirals (210 words)

The House of Commons cross-party Levelling-Up, Housing and Communities Committee has called on the government to fix a “£4 billion hole” in ...
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Inflation steadies (65 words)

Last month saw further evidence of inflation steadying. While Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation slowed slightly from 5.2% to 4.9%, living costs ...
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Labour market indicators (188 words)

There was a cautious official return to using Labour Force Survey data last month as part of a recommended “suite” of indicators including ...
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (422 words)

Inflation +4.9%, Average earnings +5.6% ...
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Union news

Labour’s New Deal could ‘transform the world of work’ (380 words)

Unions affiliated to Labour last month joined a “national campaign weekend” to raise voter awareness of the Party’s pledge to bring in a raft ...
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Unite recognition (74 words)

The Unite general union has won what it calls a “historic vote” for recognition at Derry-based external hard drives manufacturer Seagate after ...
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Wales Labour leader (47 words)

This month sees the outcome of the Welsh Labour leadership election, which will also produce the next First Minister. Two MSs (members of the Welsh ...
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Anti-strike law comes under legal challenge (394 words)

The PCS civil service union is to launch a judicial review against regulations on minimum service levels during strikes for the Border Force. ...
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European news

Union membership (125 words)

For the first time in more than 20 years, membership in the eight unions comprising the DGB, Germany’s main union confederation, grew last year. ...
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Directive blocked (113 words)

The planned EU directive protecting the rights of platform workers (see Labour Research, February 2024, page 8), seems doomed after four governments ...
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Populace approves of ongoing campaign of political strikes (278 words)

A majority of Finns support the unions in their ongoing campaign of political strikes against the government’s plans to restrict the right to ...
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Commission sets out plans for stronger European Works Councils (302 words)

The European Commission has presented its plans to strengthen the powers of European Works Councils (EWCs), which bring together workers in ...
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Where do things stand for women in unions? (2,615 words)

Women make up just over half — around 53% — of union members. And with Fran Heathcote last month taking over as the new general secretary at the ...
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Feminising the IT crowd (1,979 words)

The IT Crowd, a long-running Channel 4 comedy series set in the information technology department of fictional British firm Reynholm Industries, ...
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Forty years on from the Miners’ Strike (2,304 words)

This month marks the 40th anniversary of the start of the almost year-long 1984-85 Miners’ Strike, which began on 6 March 1984 when then National ...
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Law Matters

Guidance on check-off (337 words)

The government has made clear its intentions to ensure there is no cost to the taxpayer from public sector employers administering check-off ...
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Tribunal was right not to extend time over claim (332 words)

A tribunal was correct not to extend time to allow a discrimination claim based on belief to be accepted five months late, the Employment Appeal ...
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Tribunal fees reintroduction (129 words)

The government has launched a consultation on reintroducing fees for claims in the Employment Tribunal or for appeals to the Employment Appeal ...
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Holiday entitlement and pay (108 words)

New guidance on calculating holiday entitlement and pay has been launched by the government. It follows Brexit, with certain EU legislation that had ...
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Law Queries

Q&A (761 words)

Working hours for more than one employer ...
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Law Back-up

Sexual harassment: what legal protections exist? (907 words)

Section 26 of the Equality Act 2010 (EA 10) defines harassment as “unwanted conduct” which has “the purpose or effect of violating … dignity, ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Teaching unions call for ofsted reform (218 words)

Teaching unions have continued to call for “root and branch” reform of the Ofsted school inspection body. This follows responses by Ofsted and ...
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Essential workers endured pandemic risks (391 words)

The Covid pandemic revealed a category of “necrolabour” — workers whose job value outweighs their right to life — according to a new report. ...
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Grenfell compensation (112 words)

The FBU firefighters’ union last month announced that claims brought by 114 firefighters injured in the Grenfell tragedy have been settled in the ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Working mothers face breastfeeding hurdles (867 words)

A recent survey of health and safety reps by the RCM midwives’ union revealed that even in maternity services workplaces, which people would ...
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Equality news

TUC welcomes Labour proposals for Race Equality Act (224 words)

The TUC has welcomed the Labour Party’s announcement of a new Race Equality Act, which proposes to extend equal pay rights to Black, Asian, and ...
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Cultures of sexual harassment revealed (484 words)

Investigations reveal toxic cultures of sexual harassment in the defence sector and ambulance services. ...
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Disability action plan receives short shrift (101 words)

The government has published a Disability Action Plan setting out in 32 points how it intends to improve the lives of disabled people in the UK. ...
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Workplace Back-up

Clobbered by gender retirement pay gap (904 words)

It seems that a comfortable, moderate or even minimum standard of living in retirement is going to cost way more than previously estimated. ...
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