Labour Research June 2024

Trade union support for trans workers Our unique survey looks at the discrimination faced by trans and non-binary workers and at how unions are helping to support them

Teacher supply agencies rake in millions Teachers are increasingly subject to the casualisation of agency work while the agencies trouser millions of pounds in profit

Tackling work-related violence Work-related violence represents a grave threat to many employees, including shopworkers, teachers and bus drivers


Campaign opposes arts cuts (216 words)

Creative and education unions have joined forces with arts organisations to save education from an "Arts Apocalypse". ...
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Setback for anti-strike laws as industrial action builds again (439 words)

The High Court’s decision to grant the PCS public and commercial services union permission to pursue a judicial review of the government’s ...
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New union research reveals continuing profiteering crisis (191 words)

New research by the Unite general union, analysing nearly 17,000 companies in the UK, reveals annual profits have soared by 30% compared to the ...
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Labour goes into election with 'full commitment' to New Deal (316 words)

Labour has confirmed its "full commitment" to the New Deal for Working People in a joint statement with the TULO organisation that coordinates the ...
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Renewed threat to Royal Mail (201 words)

"The future of postal services in the UK is again under threat," the general secretary of the CWU communications workers’ union, Dave Ward, warned ...
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Student fees need 'radical reform' (234 words)

Student fees across the UK could be abolished and replaced by a levy on graduate employers, according to new research by the London Economics ...
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Inflation slows (69 words)

Retail Prices Index inflation slowed by a full percentage point in April, rising at an annual rate of 3.3%. ...
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Labour market indicators (197 words)

Old and new measures of labour market strength were both pointing towards a "cooling" jobs market last month. ...
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Key economic indicators

Key economic indicators (424 words)

Inflation +3.3%, Average earnings +5.7% ...
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Union news

Unions chiefs to meet Labour leaders over workers' rights (363 words)

Union leaders are due to meet Labour party leaders this month to discuss how the Party’s reforms to workers’ rights will be implemented if Labour ...
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GMB recognition ballot victory (293 words)

The GMB general union has been awarded a statutory recognition ballot of workers at Amazon’s Coventry warehouse that could result in the online ...
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CofE deal (62 words)

General union Unite has signed what it calls "an historic agreement" with the Leicester diocese of the Church of England to represent its clergy and ...
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Support staff (65 words)

The NEU education union has launched a campaign to recruit private school support staff to secure their statutory rights to union recognition and to ...
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HS2 agreement (71 words)

After a two-year "relentless" campaign, the Unite general union has reached an agreement on access to workers on the HS2 Old Oak Common construction ...
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FBU political fund (41 words)

Members of the FBU firefighters' union have voted "decisively" to retain their political fund, the union says. The ballot, which must by law be held ...
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European news

Labour rights referendum (127 words)

Italy’s largest union confederation, CGIL, has won growing support for its plan for a referendum on a key element of the country’s labour law. It ...
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Tesla strike extended (101 words)

Unions in Sweden have widened their dispute with the US electrical vehicle maker, Tesla. ...
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New law curbs unions' right to take industrial action (328 words)

Despite ongoing union opposition, the Finnish government has introduced new legislation limiting unions’ right to strike and imposing new penalties ...
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Key directives receive approval (330 words)

Both the EU due diligence directive ( Labour Research, May 2024, page 8) and the EU platform work directive ( Labour Research, April 2024, page 8) ...
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Supporting trans members at work (3,013 words)

The NASUWT teaching union’s proposed motion for this month’s TUC LGBT+ conference, Hate speech — changing the narrative, focuses on the ...
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Supply agencies pocket millions from education (2,059 words)

Like everybody else, teachers can fall sick or find themselves facing domestic emergencies. That means sometimes somebody else must step in and take ...
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Tackling work-related violence (2,157 words)

In April, the Usdaw shopworkers’ union gave a cautious welcome to the government’s "long-overdue u-turn" announcement that it would create a ...
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Law Matters

Act incompatible with workers’ right to strike (335 words)

The Supreme Court (SC) has held that s146 Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (TULRCA) doesn’t protect workers taking part in ...
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Employer failed to make reasonable adjustments (307 words)

An employer failed in its duty to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee when it didn’t allow an opportunity to work a different job ...
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New guidance on carer’s leave (148 words)

Acas and the government have both published guidance materials on the new unpaid carer’s leave rights which came into effect on 6 April 2024 (see ...
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Increase in compensation limits (99 words)

The "Vento" guidelines provide the bands within which compensation for injury to feelings and psychiatric injury should be awarded in discrimination ...
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Law Queries

Q&A (779 words)

Insolvency payments ...
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Law Back-up

When a mental health condition is a disability (911 words)

Section 6(1) EA 10 says a disability is "a physical or mental impairment" which "has a substantial and long-term adverse effect" on a person’s ...
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Health & Safety Matters

Action on bullying of international recruits (97 words)

The CSP phsyiotherapists’, RCM midwives’ and SoR radiographers’ unions have issued a joint call for action to tackle the bullying of ...
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Rising trend in NHS staff burnout (126 words)

A new report monitoring staff retention in the NHS, Should I stay or should I go?, identifies psychological stress, workload, staff shortages and pay ...
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Rhetoric on ‘sicknote culture’ condemned (273 words)

Unions have responded to prime minister Rishi Sunak’s plans to push people who are off sick back into work by calling on the government to reduce ...
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Inspections are a 'safety risk' (253 words)

Ofsted inspections create "a major health and safety risk", with college staff experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, according to a new ...
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Health & Safety Back-up

Unsuitable PPE puts women workers at risk (910 words)

Labour MP Emma Hardy’s Private Member’s Bill, Personal Protective Equipment at Work (Protected Characteristics), would require employers to ...
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Equality news

Union secures menopause support (105 words)

General union Unite has secured a menopause workplace support policy for women employed by Jaguar Land Rover. ...
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UK fails on rights of disabled people (135 words)

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities has concluded that the current UK government has failed to take all ...
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Government disregards music industry misogyny (289 words)

The MU musicians’ union has expressed "deep disappointment" following the government’s rejection of recommendations put forward by a recent ...
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Conference highlights workplace discrimination (271 words)

The recent TUC’s Black Workers’ Conference highlighted discrimination in the workplace, endemic and systematised racism in working practices, and ...
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Workplace Back-up

‘Good work’ needs to include shift work (915 words)

Seven years ago, the Taylor review of modern working practices set out to define "good work", starting from the principle that work should be fair ...
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