Labour Research November 2004


T&G votes for new NHS pay system

Members of the T&G general union working in the health service have given their support to the new Agenda for Change (AfC) pay system being implemented in the NHS.

The system was unveiled last year following four years of negotiations, and involves new pay bands and harmonised terms and conditions. It affects over one million NHS workers, including administrative and clerical staff, ancillary staff, occupational health staff and senior managers. The scheme is being rolled out nationally from 1 December.

Results of a ballot on the AfC package by two other unions involved, UNISON and Amicus, will be announced this month.

So far the only health service union not to give its support to the package has been the Society of Radiographers (SoR), whose members voted by an overwhelming 83% to reject the scheme.

The 16,000-member union is to hold an Agenda for Change Day of Action on 13 November, with a rally in Trafalgar Square, to underline the membership's rejection of the package.