Workplace Report June 2007

Features: News- learning and training

CWU puts focus on learning

The CWU communication workers' union has brought learning into the centre of its structures following new policy and rule changes agreed at its annual conference this month.

The move is seen as a clear recognition of the importance of union learning to CWU members, and in the way that it can enhance the ability of unions to organise and recruit in the workplace.

The role of union learning reps (ULRs) has been fully incorporated into the CWU's branch and regional structure and is now enshrined in the union's rule book.

ULRs will have their own regional structure through the formation of regional learning committees, which will be responsible for delivering CWU learning strategies locally.

Trish Lavelle, CWU head of education and training, welcomed these important advances for the union. "Union learning is an important part of the 'CWU offer' and is helping us engage with literally thousands of our members and potential members every year in a really positive way," she said.

"Most of all though, this recognises that ULRs are here to stay and gives them parity with other representatives. And it is a great testament to the superb work going on in BT, Royal Mail, Parcelforce, O2 and Fujitsu workplaces up and down the country by our hard working ULRs."

The CWU has approximately 1,000 learning reps, and the opening of the union's 100th learning centre was a cause for celebration at this year's conference.