Workplace Report December 2015

Bargaining news

BT Consumer agreement

CWU members have voted to accept a far reaching Transformation Agreement with BT Consumer, British Telecom’s retail customer arm. 

The agreement applies to around 3,500 members working for BT Consumer across the UK, and covers job security and attendance patterns. 

It ensures that work will come back from India to BT UK contact centres creating at least 700 jobs, and there will also be a significant reduction in the reliance on agency staff, according to the CWU. 

In addition, a universal attendance framework has been put in place, enabling shifts to be shared out across the workforce, with protections in place for those unable to alter their attendances, and transitional arrangements for those making the biggest changes.

CWU assistant secretary Nigel Cotgrove said that the union’s negotiating team understands that changes to attendance patterns “are a very sensitive issue for all members” and would be in discussion with BT to ensure that the agreement “is implemented properly and fairly.”