Workplace Report January 2021

Bargaining news

Redundancies avoided

The Community union has negotiated a suspension of planned redundancies at UK Windows and Doors Group’s Caerphilly site. The action affects around 120 workers who were at risk of redundancy but now have the option to be placed on the furlough scheme until next year. In the meantime, they will be entitled to any vacancies that arise with the employer.

Michael Davies, Community regional organiser, said: “Securing jobs like those at UK Windows and Doors Group shows the value of having a union that works in partnership with an employer to secure the best outcome for the workforce. The local reps and myself were able to put forward alternative proposals to immediate redundancies which now gives everyone – the employer, employees and us as a union – the time we need to find a different way forwards.”

“Workers who would otherwise have been facing redundancy and looking for work in a difficult job market, now have the time to reskill and find new work.”