Workplace Report March 2021

European news

Danish public sector workers settle

Danish unions and employers have reached agreement on two separate three-year deals for workers in the public sector.

The first, covering 195,000 workers in central government, was signed on 6 February and will result in a 6.75% increase in the wage bill over the period, with 4.42% used for direct pay increases and the rest for other improvements, including a bonus for workers aged 62 and over, who can also use it to increase their pension or have more time off.

The second, signed on 15 February, is for around 500,000 workers in local government, many of whom work in education and health. It also provides a 6.75% increase in the wage bill, but the distribution is different. Pay for most workers is expected to rise by 5.02% over the period, but there is extra pay for female-dominated professions such as nurses and occupational therapists. It provides for two pay increases this year, 1.0% in both April and October, so this year pay will rise by more than inflation (0.6% in January).