Workplace Report May 2021

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Law ‘failing to keep pace’ with AI at work

Employment law is failing to keep pace with the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) at work, according to a new report for the TUC by employment rights lawyers from the AI Law Consultancy. It says urgent new legal protections are needed or workers will be increasingly vulnerable and powerless to challenge “inhuman” forms of AI performance management.

The TUC issued an “unprecedented” joint call to tech companies, employers and government to support a new set legal reforms for the ethical use of AI at work. These include a legal duty on employers to consult trade unions on the use of “high risk” and intrusive forms of AI in the workplace and a legal right to “switch off” from work so workers can create “communication free” time.

It also published a short manifesto for the fair and transparent use of AI at work and is encouraging political parties, employers and tech companies to sign up and work with the union movement on improving the regulation of AI technology.