Workplace Report May 2021

Learning and training news

TUC looks afresh at union learning

The TUC has announced how it will try to support union learning and build union learning rep (ULR) capacity after the government pulled the plug on the Union Learning Fund. It says the withdrawal of the £12 million fund will reduce what it can do, and so “the strategy to support ULRs in the future will be more focused on digital tools and resources”.

The union body promises it will continue the training and development of ULRs and provide digital resources for unions to support learners. It will maintain and develop the Unionlearn website and digital tools such as online skills assessment tools and bitesize e-learning modules.

TUC regional teams will help to build and maintain regional ULR networks and will offer network meetings, learning events and training opportunities that provide opportunities for ULRs to develop and share good practice.