Workplace Report December 2021

Bargaining news

Imperial Logistics pay deal

A stunning 27% rise on the basic pay rate over two years has been agreed for lorry drivers employed by Imperial Logistics to deliver components to the BMW MINI plant in Oxford. It removed the threat of disruption by Unite members, who had voted for strike action as a result of being paid over £3 an hour less than agency workers recruited by the company to work on the same contract.

Under the agreed deal, hourly rates of £12.09 and £13.09 for any hours between 18:00 and 06:00, increase to £15.38 and £16.38 respectively. The company’s drivers also secured pay parity on the contract, the continuation of unsocial hours’ payments, and a lump sum payment of £3,500 in lieu of back pay for drivers on payroll at the beginning of the year (pro rata for those joining the payroll later).

Annual pay increases to £39,998 (equating to £15.38 per hour for a 50 hour working week) take effect from the start of November. Shift allowance will now be paid at £1 per hour additional to the £15.38, according to the existing custom. These rates will also now apply to agency staff as well, who previously got £15.38 for all hours but no additional £1 for unsocial hours work.