Workplace Report December 2021

Learning and training news

Toolkit aids apprenticeship diversity

A toolkit to help employers and others improve the diversity of apprentices has been produced by the Social Mobility Commission.

Research by the commission showed that government funding policy for apprenticeships has disproportionately benefitted people from higher socio-economic backgrounds, rather than those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who would benefit more. Covid has exacerbated the divide.

The report urges practical action to tackle this, saying: “Not only are apprenticeships a brilliant way for people from less privileged backgrounds to show their true potential, they also provide a fantastic opportunity for organisations to develop the leaders and skills they need.”

It sets out detailed advice on interventions that should be made, including: collecting data on apprenticeship applications, starts, levels and completions; creating an inclusive culture; reaching out to more varied potential apprentices; and making the apprenticeship accessible, such as through flexible hours and paying the voluntary living wage.

Apprenticeships that work for all is available on the website.