Workplace Report July 2023

Bargaining news

Journalists in a vice

Journalists at VICE UK are taking strike action at the end of June following less than satisfactory redundancy terms.

VICE, a US-based firm, has been in serious financial difficulties for a while and is seeking a buyer while its UK subsidiary looks to make around 23 members of staff redundant. The company’s offer to those staff they are letting go is £2,000 and statutory redundancy pay, despite VICE continuing to pay their executives top whack. NUJ members have urged the publisher to consider the financial impact of the package on staff and is seeking fewer redundancies and an increased pay offer from management.

Mostafa Rajaai, NUJ organiser, said: “we believe it is VICE’s moral obligation to give those at risk the redundancy pay that they deserve, at a time of great uncertainty. Our members should not be the ones paying for the mistakes and mismanagement of those at the top, getting paid six and seven figure salaries.”