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[cover image][112 pages] December 2023
Unfair dismissal law – An LRD guide for union reps
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This LRD guide to the law on unfair dismissal aims to help union reps support members facing dismissal. It explains the statutory framework and case law in a straightforward way, including the five fair reasons for dismissal, the “band of reasonable responses” test, and the law on constructive dismissal. A key resource for workplace reps, the guide answers the following frequently asked questions: what are the different procedures that need to be followed for conduct and capability? what factors make a redundancy dismissal unfair? what constitutes a dismissal for “some other substantial reason”? what is an “automatically” unfair dismissal? It also includes information about how compensation is calculated, giving reps an essential overview of the legal process so that they can effectively support members in avoiding dismissal or negotiating a settlement. [More ...]

[cover image][194 pages] November 2023
Health and Safety Law 2023
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Health and Safety Law 2023 provides a fully updated and significantly revised guide to current legislation on health and safety at work, including the latest case law and union guidance. It is written from the perspective of workers, unions, and safety reps. Using clear and accessible language, it sets out the legal health and safety framework and the rights and protections for safety reps. It examines key hazards and provides guidance on the actions that can be taken to eliminate or reduce the risks associated with them. This handbook is used as a trusted day-to-day companion by safety reps, helping them protect their colleagues against workplace hazards. “ An invaluable source of information, providing an easy-to-read, comprehensive guide to the law. I have no hesitation in recommending it to all safety reps.” – Janet Newsham, Hazards Campaign. “ As the world of work changes around us, LRD guides and handbooks have become a must-have resource for union reps dealing with contract changes, harassment issues, and health and safety concerns.” – Julie Gilham, Case Worker, Unison Hertfordshire Branch. “ LRD handbooks are essential reading for all RMT activists and reps.” – Mick Lynch, General Secretary, RMT.[More ...]

[cover image][412 pages] September 2023
Law at Work 2023
Price: £59.75  | Buy  | Discounts  | Subscribe
Law at Work 2023 has been updated to give you the latest legal developments. This annual handbook from LRD aims to give trade unionists an understanding of the law they need to effectively represent their members in the workplace. Unlike most other employment law guides, LRD’s Law at Work examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers. It shows where the relevant law can be found and highlights key legal cases to provide examples of the law in action. [More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] May 2023
Understanding TUPE transfers
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When a business changes hands or a service is contracted out or re-tendered, affected employees are protected by the Transfer of Undertaking (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE). Their employment automatically transfers, and their terms and conditions are preserved. Even though TUPE was watered down in 2014 to make it easier for employers to change terms that were collectively agreed, or where they have an “economic, technical or organisational” reason for doing so, TUPE still significantly restricts the employer’s ability to vary contractual terms. It also imposes a duty on employers to consult trade union or other employee representatives before a transfer takes place. This LRD guide for union reps uses straightforward language to explain the key principles of TUPE, when it applies and how it works in practice, using examples from decided TUPE cases. Understanding TUPE transfers is intended to give reps and union members an overview of their legal rights, so that they know what questions to ask and can navigate their way through this complex area of law. [More ...]

[cover image][100 pages] March 2023
Case Law at Work 19th Edition
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This is the 19th edition of Case Law at Work, LRD’s annual summary of recent employment law cases. It contains details of recent cases that are of significance to trade unions, with commentary on their practical implications for union reps. Case Law at Work is a companion to LRD’s annual employment law handbook Law at Work. Together, LRD’s Case Law at Work and Law at Work provide a comprehensive overview of workers’ employment rights. They explain the law in a concise and accessible way with selected case examples providing insight into the way the law is applied in practice. They are an invaluable resource for reps involved in negotiating or disciplinary and grievance hearings as well as answering members’ day-to-day queries. [More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] February 2023
Tackling sexual harassment at work — an LRD guide
Price: £11.45  | Buy  | Discounts  | Subscribe
Sexual harassment remains all too pervasive in society — including in the workplace, which means it is a hugely important issue for trade unions. This Labour Research Department guide arms union reps with the information they need to tackle sexual harassment at work and help prevent it from happening in the first place. It looks at: the extent of sexual harassment at work, who is particularly at risk, and its impact; the law — including protection under the Equality Act 2010, trade union demands for improvements, and forthcoming changes; advice and guidance on preventing sexual harassment from the TUC, trade unions, the EHRC equalities regulator and the Acas workplace advisory body; examples of union action to tackle sexual harassment; advice on negotiating policies and procedures with employers; and how unions are putting their own houses in order and working to stamp out sexual harassment in their own ranks. [More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] January 2023
Reasonable adjustments for disabled workers – A LRD guide
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The employer’s duty to make reasonable adjustments to remove barriers faced by disabled workers has been in place for almost three decades, Even so, disabled workers continue to face battles to get adjustments in place to allow them both to find work and to stay in their job. It is often the case that the question of reasonable adjustments only arises when an employee has been put on performance review or is subject to disciplinary proceedings because their employer has not recognised that they are disabled and need adjustments. This LRD guide will help trade union reps to recognise when there is a legal duty to make adjustments and to support members in making requests for adjustments. It gives practical guidance on the law as well as examples of how to negotiate policies that help to remove the disadvantage faced by disabled workers. One of the ways in which trade unions can advance equality is to promote the social model of disability, which sees disability as the result of our workplace structures and environment, including negative attitudes towards disabled people. This guide includes examples of inclusive policies and practices that union reps can adapt to encourage employers to take account of disabled workers’ needs in their negotiations.[More ...]